Residential Electrical Surge Protection in Fort Worth, Texas

Are you concerned about what a lightning strike or other grid surge could do to the valuable appliances, electronics, and devices in your home? 

Relying on standard power bar surge protectors might not be enough for these major surges. If you want top-of-the-line protection, you can reach out to Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services for whole-home residential electrical surge protection.

Protecting Your Entire Home and Everything Inside

Whole-home electrical surge protection serves a similar purpose as a standard power bar surge protector, but much more effectively and for your entire home.

Residential electrical surge protection prevents power grid surges from damaging electrical devices in your home. One of our electricians will install the surge protector at the point where the municipal power supply connects to your electrical panel. This ensures that everything plugged into your home’s electrical system is protected. 

Even minor surges can damage sensitive components inside computers and televisions, but major surges can damage appliances like your refrigerator or HVAC systems. The damage can be serious and expensive to repair, so securing reliable electrical surge protection is in your best interest.

How Does Residential Electrical Surge Protection Work?

The primary concern with surges is that a massive influx of current enters your home with nowhere to go but through your valuable electronics. Whole-home electrical surge protection detects significant surges and redirects the electricity to the ground, preventing damage to your home’s electrical system and anything plugged into it.

The capacity of whole-home surge protectors is measured in the amount of current they can bear in amps. Generally, you’ll want electrical surge protection of at least 40,000-amps. Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services can help you find the right surge protector to meet your home’s unique electrical needs.

Residential Electrical Surge Protection Installation

The team here at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services handles all kinds of electrical installations, from switches to service upgrades and much more. Our skilled electricians can ensure that your surge protector installation is done correctly for ongoing safety and protection.

Because the surge protector must be installed at the electrical panel, you shouldn’t attempt this kind of installation yourself. Your home’s entire electrical supply passes through that panel, leaving amateurs at serious risk of electric shocks. Your best bet is to go with the trusted team at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services.

Not only will you be preventing immediate injuries, but you’ll be ensuring that the installation is safe and reliable. Inexperienced installers can make mistakes that will lead to fire hazards and other electrical issues down the line. 

With Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services, you’re getting an installation that maintains the integrity of your home’s electrical system while providing the surge protection you need.

Your Choice for Residential Electrical Surge Protection in Fort Worth

Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services provides reliable services here in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Our standing as a Better Business Bureau A+ accredited business shows you can count on our team every time. 

To get a reliable quote on residential electrical surge protection for your home, reach out to Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services today.