Heating Service Professionals Near Fort Worth, TX

When it’s summer and the temperature is close to triple digits, you might not be able to imagine ever being cold again. But if you don’t have a reliable furnace, you’ll be in trouble when the first cold night arrives and you don’t have heat. While temperatures don’t often approach freezing in Fort Worth, it can still be uncomfortably chilly. If you want to make sure you and your family stay warm all winter, our technicians at Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical are proud to offer heating services for Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. 

Your Local Fort Worth Heating Contractor

Our heating services focus on helping you find the right heater for your home, installing it properly, and making sure it keeps running for the next 15-20 years without many problems. We specialize in creative energy-saving solutions that have lowered the utilities of our customers since we first opened our doors. We are innovative, we care about each person that we work with, and our prices are always upfront. We would love to talk to you about heating services for your home or business in the Fort Worth area.  

What Heating Services Do We Provide in Fort Worth? 

At Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical, we can take care of your heater from the day it’s installed to the day you decide to replace it. We are different from other Fort Worth heating contractors because we focus on developing a relationship with our customers. We get to know you and your furnace so that we can provide more customized services. 

We are always here for the times when your furnace breaks down or needs its regular heating tune-up. The benefit of working with a local company is that you don’t just become a number on a spreadsheet. Your situation is given the individual care that it deserves. 

Heating Installation in Fort Worth

Every furnace needs a good start to be able to run efficiently for the next 20 years without constant breakdowns. When you install a new furnace in your home or business, it’s important to work with a Fort Worth heating contractor that knows the climate and will take the time to understand your space. 

Choosing a new furnace is the first step in a good installation. Our team of technicians will come to your property and take a look at any factors that may affect the performance of your furnace. It’s important for us to know how big the space is, how many rooms will need to be heated, whether you need ductwork installed, and what your budget is for the installation. We can come up with a furnace that is the perfect fit for your space. We’ll give you a free quote for the price of the installation and the new equipment. 

Once you choose a furnace, it’s our job to make sure your furnace is perfectly installed. A poor installation can have consequences that directly affect you. A badly installed furnace can be inefficient and can fail years sooner than an expertly installed system. We don’t take any shortcuts and we make sure that each step is done perfectly before we move on. 

Heating Repair in Fort Worth

Even if you have a reliable furnace that was perfectly installed, you may still have a few problems over the years. Parts will need to be repaired, replaced, or adjusted to keep the unit working at peak performance until the day that you decide to replace it. If your furnace has broken down, you can give us a call for heating repair in Fort Worth. We have many years of experience in diagnosing and repairing all kinds of different systems. Our technicians at Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical can repair all makes and models of gas and electric furnaces. 

You should never ignore signs that your furnace is breaking down! Even little changes in the way your furnace is running can be signs of a much bigger problem. We recommend calling for service if you notice any of these signs of furnace trouble: 

  • Bad odors coming from your furnace: You might notice a smell the first time your furnace turns on and dust is stirred up. But this smell should go way within a few minutes. If there are any smells that hang on after your furnace turns on, or you smell gas, you should call for repairs right away.
  • New sounds: Not all sounds coming from your furnace are a sign of something bad. But if your furnace suddenly starts making sounds that weren’t there before, the unit should always be checked out. 
  • Your furnace is blowing out cold air: With some furnace problems, the unit might turn on and blow air, but the air coming out of your vents won’t be warm. Call us as soon as you notice problems with air temperature or airflow. 
  • A yellow pilot light: The pilot light in your furnace should always be blue. If it’s yellow or white, that’s a sign of carbon monoxide in your system. A carbon monoxide leak is dangerous, so turn off your furnace and call as soon as you can.

Heating Tune-Up in Fort Worth

If the thought of having to call for emergency furnace repairs is stressful to you, you can consider preventative maintenance services from Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical. We have helped many families and business owners over the years cut down on furnace expenses. All it takes is regular inspections of the entire system, frequent filter changes, system cleaning, and other preventative services. 

A heating tune-up is a service that is performed every year or as often as you need it. Just like a check-up with your doctor, it’s a service that is done while your system is in good condition to make sure it stays that way. We don’t perform any repairs during this service. But we do look for anything that could cause your furnace to break down in the next year. When you invest in regular maintenance, you’ll be preventing unexpected breakdowns, helping your system to last much longer, and lowering your energy bills every month. 

During your annual furnace tune-up in Fort Worth, you can expect us to lubricate moving parts, check every component to make sure it’s in good condition, clean dust and dirt off of your heat exchanger and other parts of your system, and check for safety problems such as loose electrical connections and more. 

Heating Replacement in Fort Worth

Even after many years of taking care of your furnace through regular maintenance, your old furnace will eventually need to be replaced. The process can be simple and stress-free when you work with our technicians. We will make sure you have all of the information you need about the condition of your furnace. Plus, you’ll get an accurate estimate for how much the replacement will cost. 

Are you wondering if your system needs to be replaced? There can be a lot that goes into the decision of whether to repair or replace a system. We commonly recommend a replacement if your system will be expensive to fix. A replacement might also be a good choice for you if you are having to pay for frequent repairs or if your energy bills are high because of an inefficient system. 

Commercial Heating Services in Fort Worth

Commercial properties have heating challenges that are different than residential properties. You may need zoning in your building so that you can have control over separate areas. You may also need a system that is much larger or more complicated than the one that is installed in your home. 

At Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical, we are well equipped to be able to handle the challenges of commercial heating services in Fort Worth, TX. We have worked with business owners for many years to find customized heating and cooling solutions. We can repair your furnace if it has started to have problems, and we can also come up with a maintenance schedule that fits your situation.

Service Membership Program for Regular Heating Maintenance

The easiest way to get maintenance for your heating and cooling system is to become a member of our Service Membership program. The cost of membership is $16.95 per month for your first system. With your membership fee, you’ll get a tune-up every year. You’ll also get more benefits as a member such as a 15% discount on HVAC repairs, reduced overtime charges for emergencies, and a Priority Services Guarantee to make sure you always get the services you need, when you need them.

Comprehensive HVAC Services Near Fort Worth, TX 

Whether you need fast heating repair services for your home or you are looking for someone to install a new furnace in your commercial property, you can trust our team for straightforward, honest services. We always want what is best for you and your property. If you have been searching for a dependable Fort Worth heating contractor, contact Breeze Air, Heat and Electrical today.