HVAC & Electrical Services in North Richland Hills, TX

When your heating, cooling, or electrical systems aren’t working properly, it can quickly disrupt your life. At Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services, we understand that you need service fast, and we are here to get you back up and running in no time. 

We’ve been in the business since 2012, so our staff is knowledgeable and fully trained on a full range of HVAC and electrical products, maintenance, and technology. Our professionals offer a range of services in the North Richland Hills, TX, area. 

AC Services

Having a properly functioning AC system is an absolute necessity for households in the North Richland Hills, TX, area. Texas is one of the hottest states in the U.S., so a broken system can quickly turn an inconvenience into an emergency. We provide AC installation, repair, and replacement services and will get your home cool in no time.

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is an invisible problem that most people don’t even realize is an issue. If residents in your home have frequently been sick, you should consider getting your air quality checked. The professionals at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services can check your HVAC units and make sure that the home is properly ventilated.

Furnace Services

Most people think that Texas doesn’t get cold in the winter, but we know that is not true! Without a working furnace, your home can quickly turn into an icebox. We provide furnace installation, replacement, and repair services.

Electrical Inspections

Scheduling a professional electrical inspection should be at the top of the list for any home buyer. We conduct complete and thorough electrical inspections to give you peace of mind that the home’s electrical system is safe and efficient.

Indoor Lighting

Lighting fixtures can appeal and functionality to both residential and commercial properties. The right installations increase the value of the property while also maximizing utility for the current owner. We provide total indoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial property. 

Electrical Panel Services

The electrical service panel in a home is where the main power source enters a home from the local power grid. If a panel is malfunctioning, it poses a serious safety risk. We provide electrical panel installation, replacement, and repair to keep you and your family safe.

Service Financing

Don’t let the cost stand in the way of getting the necessary services for your HVAC and electrical systems. All you have to do is fill out some information online to finance your new system or electrical project. The process is fast and affordable and will allow you to begin enjoying your new HVAC or electrical project! We can assist you with several financing options.

Service Membership Program

The best way to maintain the proper functioning of your HVAC systems is to schedule regular maintenance. The best way to do this is to join our membership program. You’ll not only benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance visits, but receive 15% off repairs, priority service, and more!

Whether you need a quick HVAC inspection, a routine repair, or an entire electrical system overhaul, Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services has you covered. If you are in the North Richland Hills, TX, area, give us a call today!