Ceiling Fan Installation Services in Fort Worth, Texas

Texans are always looking for ways to beat the heat. Running your air conditioner on high is one way to do it until you get your first astronomical electric bill. Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services can offer you an alternative solution by providing you with ceiling fan installation or repair services. 

Benefits of Having a Ceiling Fan Installed 

Having a ceiling fan installed provides many benefits to your home: 

  • Saves energy by providing better air circulation 
  • Adds overhead lighting to any room
  • Reduces lingering odors  
  • Available for indoors and outdoors

Ceiling fans come in a wide variety of designs to complement your existing decor in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and other areas of your home.   

Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan helps keep the air moving throughout your home. While it won’t change the temperature, the circulating air helps water evaporate from surfaces, keeping them cool. Even in the cooler months, a ceiling fan helps keep the warm air moving rather than lingering in one spot.  

You need trustworthy professionals for ceiling fan installation services to ensure it is properly installed. Faulty installation can leave you with a wobbly fan that makes funny noises or improperly wired switches. The trained technicians at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services will ensure your ceiling fan installation is completed promptly and done the right way. 

How to Tell If You Need Ceiling Fan Repairs 

If you already have a ceiling fan, you may have noticed that it wobbles as it turns. This may happen because it is out of alignment. If the fan blades are not stable, they will spin off balance.  

Reasons your ceiling fan may be out of alignment and wobble: 

  • Different size or shape blades 
  • Warped blades
  • Bent blades 
  • Blades are not adequately screwed on 

If your ceiling fan seems like it may be out of alignment, our licensed technicians can inspect it and solve your problem right away. 

Additional Reasons You May Need a Ceiling Fan Repair 

Alignment issues aren’t the only reason you should call the electricians at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services in Fort Worth. If your ceiling fan isn’t responding when you change the settings, the quality of the fan could deteriorate as a result. 

A surprise monthly utility bill could indicate an issue that needs repairing. Last, if the lighting fixture no longer works as it should, our professional team can restore it to its normal function.

Why Choose Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services for Ceiling Fan Installation and Repairs? 

Our team has been providing Fort Worth and the surrounding areas with professional electrical services since 2012. All our electricians are fully licensed and insured according to the state requirements of Texas. Our service is prompt, reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable, giving you the confidence you need when hiring a ceiling fan installation expert. 

Call our dedicated team at Breeze Air-Heat & Electrical Services so we can provide all of your ceiling fan needs. Whether you need ceiling fan installation or repair services, we can take care of it.